Big GREEN Totes

The GREEN alternative to cardboard boxes

Need Packing Assistance?
We Can Do That!

Packing Labor

Whether you need help packing your entire house or just one closet, our hourly rate allows you to customize how much packing help you need.  You will only pay for the work that is provided.

Packing Supplies

Our packers will bring Big GREEN Totes and other packing supplies to properly serve your needs.   You will only pay for the supplies actually used.

Need a packing quote?  Please fill out our contact form HERE and let us know how we can best serve you.  We will get in touch quickly!


We believe in doing our part to help the environment.  Our products eliminate waste in landfills by eliminating unnecessary cardboard, tape and other packing supplies.


We custom order your experience around ONLY what you need.  We have team members on staff that can come out and walk your property to make sure your specific needs are met.


You will feel safe and comfortable with having our high quality team members in your home.  Our team members have GREAT customer service.  A high quality experience is our number one objective.

What our clients say

Big Green Totes was amazing.  They dropped off enough totes to pack up my entire house for our move, stored it, and delivered it - it was simple.  Finally something about moving that was just easy.

Jaclyn F.