Big GREEN Totes

The GREEN alternative to cardboard boxes

How it works:

  1. Simply choose a Big GREEN Totes rental option that suits your needs.
  2. After we deliver them, you can transport them yourself or we can help you move them.
  3. Call us when they are empty and we will pick them up!


Need additional services? We offer packing, moving and storage solutions.  Contact us at 1-844-789-TOTE or submit your info HERE for a free quote!

Big GREEN Totes are a simple, all-in-one solution for your packing, storage and moving needs. By eliminating traditional cardboard boxes and packing supplies, we are saving landfills from thousands of pounds of waste including cardboard, tape, packing paper and much more. Additional benefits with renting Big GREEN Totes includes:

    • GOING GREEN. Renting with Big GREEN Totes allows you to do your part in eliminating waste and saving our landfills. We reuse each tote many times, saving landfills from unnecessary cardboard, tape and other packing supplies.


    • STACKABLE AND STURDY. Unlike cardboard boxes, Big GREEN Totes are meant to be packed and stacked, without fear of crushing or damaging your precious contents. Our design also allows for easy transportation and storage, maximizing efficiency and space.


    • HEAVY DUTY. Our Big GREEN Totes are made of a high quality, heavy duty plastic that holdups over time. What this means is that we get hundreds of uses out of each tote, easily surpassing anything a cardboard box can do. Big GREEN Totes won’t be crushed or get wet during moves, keeping your belongings safer than the traditional cardboard box.


    • SAVE MONEY. Compared to traditional cardboard boxes and packing supplies, you can save nearly 50% by renting with Big GREEN Totes. Don't waste time driving to the store, purchasing boxes and packing supplies, building the boxes, stuffing them with packing paper and hoping that the boxes will hold up overtime. We are an all in one solution


    • DELIVERY AND PICKUP. We can deliver and pickup Big GREEN Totes from your house, apartment, office or job site. We will work with your schedule to save you time and money.


We believe in doing our part to help the environment.  Our products eliminate waste in landfills by eliminating unnecessary cardboard, tape and other packing supplies.


We custom order your experience around ONLY what you need.  We have team members on staff that can come out and walk your property to make sure your specific needs are met.


You will feel safe and comfortable with having our high quality team members in your home.  Our team members have GREAT customer service.  A high quality experience is our number one objective.

What our clients say

Big Green Totes was amazing.  They dropped off enough totes to pack up my entire house for our move, stored it, and delivered it - it was simple.  Finally something about moving that was just easy.

Jaclyn F.