Big GREEN Totes

The GREEN alternative to cardboard boxes

Here at Big GREEN Totes, we are doing our part in helping the environment, while providing a high quality service to make your packing, moving and storing solutions easier AND more cost effective.


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Did you know that 20% of the population moves annually?  With over 300 million people living in the United States, that means 60 million Americans move annually.  If they use traditional cardboard boxes, packing tape and packing paper, that is a lot of waste making its way into the trash and our landfills country wide.


Moving is stressful… and expensive!  With the average American moving every 5 years, we want to help make this hectic time easier and GREENER!  That is why we started Big GREEN Totes.  We are the GREEN alternative to cardboard boxes.


Big GREEN Totes is proud to serve South Texas. We are looking into expanding into new markets soon, but you can currently find us in the greater San Antonio area. We provide high quality, heavy duty plastic totes to help serve all of your packing, moving and storing needs.


We believe in doing our part to help the environment.  Our products eliminate waste in landfills by eliminating unnecessary cardboard, tape and other packing supplies.


We custom order your experience around ONLY what you need.  We have team members on staff that can come out and walk your property to make sure your specific needs are met.


You will feel safe and comfortable with having our high quality team members in your home.  Our team members have GREAT customer service.  A high quality experience is our number one objective.

What our clients say

Big Green Totes was amazing.  They dropped off enough totes to pack up my entire house for our move, stored it, and delivered it - it was simple.  Finally something about moving that was just easy.

Jaclyn F.